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Our Areas of Expertise

Our team is committed to providing customized solutions designed to simplify the many complex financial decisions you will face during your lifetime.

A comprehensive financial plan is a systematic approach toward integrating all aspects of a person’s financial life for the purpose of improving their financial well-being both today and in the future. It includes planning for the accumulation, use and distribution of wealth. Developing a comprehensive financial plan includes a holistic approach to determining your core values and establishing written goals that are compatible with those values. 

Making sure our clients are utilizing the most effective method for retirement is important, but at Mathis Wealth Management Retirement planning is much more than IRA’s, 401(k)’s and 457 Plans. At Mathis Wealth Management we strive to help our clients plan and live out their retirement dreams. Whether that includes travel to exotic locations, RV’ing across the U.S., spending time with grandkids, or volunteering for your favorite charitable organization, we will help you enjoy retirement on your terms. 

When assembling an investment portfolio, our primary objective is meeting your specific financial goals while balancing risk and reward. Too many planners accept unnecessary risk while chasing above average returns. We believe there are more sophisticated and prudent ways to build a portfolio to withstand a complex risk environment while profiting from significant opportunities.

We will work with your existing estate-planning attorney or help you find the right professional for your particular estate planning needs. In addition we will give you direction as to what estate planning documents are most appropriate for your situation, including wills, trusts and powers of attorney.

Tax planning is much more than just filing your annual returns and paying your taxes on time. Our goal is to help you reduce your tax burden (within legal guidelines of the IRS code) and to strategically plan with your other advisors the best method(s) of accomplishing this objective.

Insurance is one of those products that we all purchase with the hope that we will never need it. Our goal is to help you protect your lifestyle utilizing only the insurance products that you really need at the best economic value. Our planning includes a comprehensive review of all of your current personal and business insurance. We can personally assist you with: Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Individual and Group Medical Insurance, and Long-Term Care Insurance.